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“For 120 years, Carhartt has manufactured premium workwear known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance. 

Expanding the line from the traditional outerwear pieces, Carhartt now offers a complete product line for warm and cold weather alike that includes jeans and work pants, shirts, sweats, shorts, tee's and accessories. A variety of features such as premium fabrics, rugged construction, and comfortable fit are just some of the hallmarks of Carhartt workwear that fit our customer's needs in the toughest conditions. 

As a choice brand of those who work and play outdoors, Carhartt is proud to serve a variety of workers in many industries including construction and manufacturing along with farmers, ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Established in 1889, Carhartt is family owned and operated with more than 3,500 employees dedicated to our mission of providing Best-In-Class apparel for the active worker. Just as Hamilton Carhartt began four generations ago, Carhartt will continue to manufacture the most rugged and durable clothing for generations to come.”

We have been selling Carhartt products at Bozo’s Army & Navy Store for over twenty years. During that time Carhartt has vastly expanded their product line and here at Bozo’s we did the same.  Beginning with just a few tradtional duck work jackets and overalls, Bozo’s now carries Carhartt brand in outerwear, coveralls, work pants, bib overalls, jeans, twill workwear, shorts, rain wear, sweatshirts, high visibility clothing, shirts, thermal underwear and accessories.  Our customers who work in a variety of industries - construction, electrical, plumbing, iron work, landscaping, sanitation, and security to name a few, count on Carhartt for reliable, long lasting work wear.  Even the casual wear customer has come to appreciate the Carhartt line for both style and functionality.  We are grateful to our loyal customers who have helped make Bozo’s Army & Navy Store the largest Carhartt retailer on Staten Island.  

“You can always rely on the protection of Carhartt Rainwear.  Built strong, it meets consumer needs for dryness, comfort and durability.”  Carhartt rainwear has quite a reputation among customers at Bozo’s Army & Navy Store.  Tired of their old inferior rain wear that would rip easily, they have turned to Carhartt’s products for reliability on the job.  We carry Carhartt’s PVC rainwear in two different weights as well as their waterproof breathable line of coats, jackets, and pants.  Carhartt’s waterproof breathable high visibility products are also sold at Bozo’s Army & Navy Store.

“Carhartt's pants, jeans and shorts are built to last. All feature premium fabric for durability, are designed for a comfortable fit and provide ample room for movement.”  Available in denim, canvas, washed duck and duck fabrics, pants are also available with multiple linings and leg openings to fit over boots.  Carhartt’s B11 Washed-Duck Work Dungaree is one of Bozo’s Army & Navy Store’s best selling items.  With tool and utility pockets as well as a left leg hammer loop it is has set the standard for purpose built work clothing.  For cold weather we  sell a flannel lined version (B111) and for those looking for a lighter weight it is also sold in canvas (B151).  This popular pant is also made in two different weight denims (B13 and B237.)  Bozo’s product line also includes Carhartt’s basic jeans (B17 and B18) as well as a variety of Carhartt shorts.   

High visibility clothing is now required on most job sites.  All of Carhartt’s high visibility clothing meets ANSI/SEA 107-2004 garment class requirements.  Available in bright lime (best against orange construction equipment) and bright orange (recommended for working in leafy green areas.)  Bozo’s Army & Navy Store currently stocks Carhartt high visibility t-shirts, rain wear, sweatshirts, vests and fleece headwear.

Brand information provided by Carhartt.  All product names, logos and trademarks are the property of Carhartt.

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