bozo’s army & navy store
serving new york since 1973

Lee fans know that Bozo’s Army and Navy Store is the place to go for Lee jeans.  Some of our customers have been wearing Lee dungarees since their teen years and simply refuse to wear anything else--you know who you are.   Other brands come and go in popularity but Lee has been a steadfast item in our inventory.  The basic Lee jean comes in regular or relaxed fit.  For those who need a little extra give, there is the Lee men’s comfort stretch denim.  Lee carpenter pants are also in stock.  And who can forget their first Lee dungaree jacket?  Bet some of you still have yours.  Another great thing about our Lee inventory is that most products are available in extended sizes.    

Now, take some time and scroll down through some vintage Lee advertisements.

Brand information provided by the Lee Company.  All product names, logos and trademarks are the property of the Lee Company.

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